Dream 02.01.24

Plays. Hospitals. Perfect Dark. Dorks.

For some stupid reason, a math teacher (Schneider) asked me to be in a play. She handed me a script and I had one day to learn it before performance. I got the first half down pat, but the second half was insanely confusing. I was supposed to be announcing horse race results, and I had no clue how.

Ashley Sander was in it for some reason, and the stupid bint walked out on stage with her script, and read it from there. Everyone bitched at her for ruining the show, and we all went home.

I was rushing through a hospital to take out someone or something. I was in a red nurse’s uniform, and I jumped a gate similar to a subway gate. I quietly snuck around the place, and grabbed an IV bag from a stand. It had blood in it.

I turned a corner and saw someone coming. I ducked into a room. It was the pediatric wing, and there was a small japanese boy under the covers. When I looked at him, he had his finger stuck through a hole in his cheek, and it was coming out his eye.

Two nurses came in, and started checking up on him. They were trying to take a voice print sample from the boy, but I accidentally said something, and they got my voice print instead. They wanted to know my name, so they could label the voiceprint. The name they had written down was ;_;sdfk-sdkfl . . . I didn’t tell them my name.

I ran around to the front of the hospital and hopped on a hover bike. I drove it into the hospital, jumped the gate, and went up some stairs. Other nurses followed, on foot and hoverbike. There was a short race, and I hit a ramp and made it to the exit just in time.

Repeat, slightly tougher. This time, in the race, I didn’t make the ramp, and had to dodge boxes to make it to the exit.

Repeat, again. Tougher than the other two. This time, there was no hover bike, and I had to fight my way through . . . and with a time limit. The countdown appeared on my screen when it hit 10 seconds. For some reason, time was slow. I had just enough time to get on a side ledge, run to the exit, and win the game.

And everyone cheered. I was in a classroom full of people. I was giving a demostration of the game, which looked to be Perfect Dark Zero. My co-worker began to give a short speech, in which he mentioned Nintendorks. That’s when I noticed that lakitu7 was in the classroom. He became an instant celebrity among his peers that would normally ignore him. Or something. Then I mentioned something about carrot top and tried to draw something on the board. Everyone wanted to see what I was drawing, because I’m a famous artist and everyone loves me.

Only in my fucking dreams.

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