Dream 02.01.23

I can’t recall much, but it started with massive lawbreaking high speed driving. With my mom in the passenger seat. The roads were familiar, I’ve dreamed them before, but they’re very weirdly designed. I have no words to explain it. I ended up getting cut off and missing turns as a result. I finally got to the on-ramp I needed, and the driving slowed as a semi came rushing down at me.

I jumped over it (the car is no longer there) and the ramp is now steps. at the top of the steps is a contest to see how hard a person can hit a golf ball. I chatted with the woman behind me in line. She was a professional golfer. I asked her advice on what club to use, and, of course, she was no help to the competition. From the golf bag I chose this one and a half foot long sword shaped wooden spoon. I took a ribbon from my pocket and tied it on. BAM! I won.

I was a dealer in these ribbons, they gave power or something to things. What a great way to advertise.

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