Dream 02.01.22

Thought Class

A combination of learning to concentrate psychic ability as well as philosophy.

I did very well in it. Most of the people in the class were from my high school, including Squee, Jorenko, and the Lane twins. Everyone would congratulate me on jobs well done, the great new ideas I come up with, etc.

And every day, I’d go home and hear my dad’s side of the family mocking my profession.

Back to school. We had three guest professors who were all very arrogant. They were there to teach us some new equation they’d created for determining someone’s specific ability range, whereas before, this was completely random and unknown, and could only be found by practice.

They gave us the start of the problem, and told us to solve it, without telling us what we’d see as a result.
Everyone struggles with it, but I showed them the paper, and they said it was correct.

“By your logic and this equation, Professor, the natural ability of a toad is greater than a god. This theory is bunk.”

And I won. I disproved a person’s theory after they’d been working much of their life on it.

Class the next day. Jorenko had gone mad, I presume. He would constantly interrupt lecture, mostly with inane gibberish. He sat in the front row, in front of the professor’s desk, and I sat a knight’s move away on the side of the desk. I ask Jorenko to stop, he wouldn’t. I requested the professor remove him. After some debate, he was asked to leave. He walked down the hall and away.

(A couple nights ago, I came up with the time travel limitations for the world of Schroe. There can only be a certain number of souls at one time. If a person travels back in time, another person will have to go forward to take his/her place. There is an hour grace period to find someone equal to you to trade places with. In other words, you can’t send a baby or old man into the future if you’re a young male going into the past. If you have some sort of magical abilities, you can’t send a normal person. It takes about an hour for a soul to integrate into the soul matrix for the universe. During this time, a person is woozy and disoriented, babbling incoherently, etc. If they had found a replacement, they’ll be fine in an hour. If they had not, they slowly die, and their soul is erased. It’s not really erased, it just returns to the future, but the body is left behind.)

During the free hour of the day-long class, I buggered off to see how Jorenko was. I had the stinking suspicion that this outburst wasn’t purposeful. For some reason, I felt the need to bugger off to the future, and I did. Schroe has way too many souls, so after I traversed time, I was doubled over in pain, unable to move. I saw Jorenko with a large gun aimed at the philosopher that I disproved earlier. Using the gun, Jorenko cut him in half. It looked like a steady stream half-life rail gun.

The thingy ‘sploded and killed jorenko, too. ;_;
then I woke up.

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