Dream 02.01.21

A half life dream. I was verbally guiding someone through a level that didn’t exist.

The walls were red of the canyon he ran through. He came to an opening. There was a pit filled with water with a thin walkable rim around it. There were holes to jump over in the rim. In the center of the pit of water was an island with one of those claw things that was in the blast pit.

One of those gornarsh things, the big head crab type things that spawns bebbies, came galloping in.

Whomever I was guiding ran around the thin rim to the other side and picked up a Quad Damage (quake, bleh). He dove into the water and swam to the island and grabbed the RCP120 (now PD?) that was underwater.

He was ready to kick some serious alien ass, but he hesitated, and the quad damage wore off.

The monster lept for him, but he dodged, and it ended up in the water. He defeated it with a crossbow from above.

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