Dream 02.01.18

And today we have: Law enforcement, Blues Brothers, and Travel

Part III

I could have been a police officer, special forces agent, or bounty hunter. But no matter what it was, I was on a team. I would have said Mafia as well, but I had no fear of being punished.

It came down to a final bust. We were after a large black man, short hair, 5’10”- 6′. He had a scar on his forehead, over the right eye. We saw him, finally, on a subway. We went in, undercover.

The subway slowed to a halt at the next station. It was time. The team arose from their seats, and prepared to exit. The man also stood, along while his crack team of crack heads. Some of us made it out the exit before the train sped off, including the boss and I.

He dashed and dodged through the people, everyone lost sight of him but me. He had changed his clothes somehow while running. I verified it was him by the scar, and went to fire.

My gun jammed.

“GODDAMNIT! GODDAMNIT! Where are you people?” I shouted to my team mates, but I couldn’t see them anywhere, and they didn’t respond. “Someone stop him! Stop him! The man in the jogging suit! STOP HIM!”

No one helped. I chased after and banged on my gun to unjam it. The man got away, but my gun unjammed and I shot an innocent man.

Part II

I was part of some traveling band for some reason. We also were on the shaky side of the law. We’d probably done something illegal, and the police were just waiting for the chance to get us.

The leads of the band, who looked like the Blues Brothers, had a habit of kneeling and praying overtly, and usually with great fervor. They acted like televangelist followers.

It came down to a show now, and they were taking too long on their prayer before hand. I was rushing them to finish.

… There was an irken in this dream. I just realized that. But that’s later. Hell, it’s now, because at this time, they got on stage, and I went into the manager’s office. The office looked surprisingly like my room.

I crashed on the bed for some rest, and this little girl with green skin asks for something. She gives me a kiss, and then shows me that under her shirt, she’s got a green straw stuffed from shoulder to shoulder. The girl was wildly immature and fairly stupid, so I’m guessing she was a Zim fangirl.

She started flexing her muscles on her small body. The puffed up with air, and looked like an empty, faceless Pustulio. Weird.

I noticed under my bed . . . in the manager’s office . . . was a box of condoms. What the hell kind of place was this? Urg.

Part I

I don’t remember much about this, since it was the first part dreamed, but I do recall bits of it.

Like the part where my dad’s driving on the highway way too fast, and there’s an uphill part to a toll booth. He goes up the uphill portion speeding up, and launches the car over the toll booth. Amazing.

Oh, and the road under him was a Zip.

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