Dream 02.01.17


Part I:

At a sort of summer camp, packing up to leave. Some girl from my high school decides she’s going to go home separately from the group, so I help her go around the cabins and get her stuff. I ask her for a ride home, she says yes, but I get distracted by something else and never make it out with her.

The distraction was I was asked to speak with someone at another cabin. There was a small stream and pond that we had to cross. The bridge was broken. The man I was following patched the bridge and I walked across. We stopped to feed the gigantic fish below us. I heard a voice behind me, in the stream.

Apparently, he was my rival. A man with long black hair, and a soothing voice. He said something like, “You can’t fight me in air, you can’t fight me on land.” I dove at him in the water and said, “I can fight you in water.”

I ended up getting my foot shoved in his face, and he asked, “Why do you fight me? Do you bear grudge for an act I have not committed?” I responded, “No, I am here because you amuse me, I am sorry to have inconvenienced you.” He floated off on the log he floated in on.

I returned to the bridge that I leaped from. The fish are gone, the water’s too shallow. I begin walking to the source of the water. The source is in someone’s house, and it’s in their lounge.

I begin to search for the fish. There is some water on the floor. What I find behind a couch is not a fish, but a hideous Shrimp/bird hybrid. It was moving, barely alive. I pitied it, it wasn’t in the water, and it was too far dead to make it, even if I put it back. I left it.

I began looking elsewhere, and found a half-rotted bird. The head was intact, as well as the tips of the wings, but the body was bone. I looked elsewhere.

I came across as still living cat/bird hybrid. It was small and weak, and barely alive, but it could live if I returned it to it’s mother.

I turned to the cats, there were four. They were all sleeping, the tabby kitten on the right was positioned with one forepaw under a couch, as my cat used to sleep. I motioned to wake it, but I noticed the mother cat to my left.

Mother cat was a grey shorthair, with large black splotches on her back, but he also had long light grey hair thinly dispersed on her.

I tapped her on the shoulder to ask her if the small kitten/bird I held was her baby. She said no, and promptly ate it. I was shocked and sad.

Commentary during blacking out ending:
“Don’t you get hideous mutations living in your lounge, Schroe?”
“Yes, but I clean them up after they die, Ettin!”

Part II:

Driving home from Erie Islands, which I often think of when Ettin abbreviates Ettin Industries as EI. Erie Islands is a resort/marina that supposed to be high class, but they’ve been financially fucked for a long time.

Anyway, Jorenko and I apparently spent a weekend up there, and headed home. He had work, so he left earlier and separately. I was driving home late at night.

Jorenko had mentioned that there’s no swordsmanship schools in the area, so when I saw and advertisement for one as I was driving home, I decided to drive by the place, get an address or phone number.

It’s late, but I see that they’re still open! I step inside, and notice that the man behind the counter is drinking a beer that someone just tossed him a six pack of.

I look around the place. There’s the training floor, as I expected it, but at the far end are four televisions with four consoles. On one TV, I notice SSX Tricky, on another, a different snowboarding game, and the other two TVs are off.

There’s one person playing the games. There are three men sitting at a table to the left of the entrance, and the man at the counter. Five people in the place.

The man at the counter is now selling the beers to his buddies. I say, “Sir, don’t you have to have a license to be selling those to customers? This doesn’t look like the type of place to have one.”

He walks up to me and says, “Hey little girl, did you come here just to say that?”

“No, I came to see if I could get information on the swordsmanship training. My boyfriend is interested, and when I saw the advertisement for this place, I thought I’d stop by and get some information.”

The man is quite drunk. “Aww, she loves her boyfriend! Let’s change her mind!” and he began to try and kiss me. I ducked out of the way, but, since I was still at the door when he came after me, I ended up deeper into the lobby.

The other men laughed as the man fell face first. Embarrassed and blaming me, he came after me. He had me pinned against the door now, and he was groping my breasts. I grabbed a nearby bottle and smashed it over his head.

He reeled and grabbed his head, and I bolted out the door. He followed me, shouting, “No one makes a fool of Raul Juliano!”

“Is that your name, then?” I ran off into a convenience store that was next door. The employee was on the phone, and I took it from him, telling the woman on the line that it was an emergency and she had to hang up now.

She did, and I asked the man at the counter for the number to the police. He gave it to me, and I dialed it. I have no idea if that was a real number, but hell, I dialed it in the dream. The police put me on hold.

Raul had now convinced his friends to come after me. They were waiting outside. That’s when I noticed that this wasn’t a convenience store, it was a game shop. There were playstations all over the bloody place.

A mob of game fanatics droned out the mob of people after me, so I ducked out and got away. I had called Jorenko to meet me there before hand.

The gamer mob was shouting something. I was hiding, and couldn’t hear them well. “…oh! …oh! …oh!” I turned to Jorenko, who was also hiding in the bush and asked, “What are they chanting?”

He gets up, and ends up joining them in the chant.

“Shuro! Shuro! Shuro!”

I think to myself, “What do they want with me?” I go to the group, and they stand in awe at my appearance.

“Shuro! Shuro! Shuro!”

I look at the game shop’s windows. It’s the release day of “Shuro.”

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