Dream 02.01.05

I had a dream that I was at my grandmother’s house, but it was her old kitchen, the one she had before she had it remodeled. I was cooking/cleaning there for some reason. There was a knock at the door, and, for some reason it was Ettin. (Human, so Paul, I guess.) And he was shorter than me. I gave him snacks to munch on while he waited for whatever he was waiting for. Ah, we were waiting for Jorenko to return.

Once Jorenko arrived, we played some sort of game, and Ettin kept score on a piece of paper. He scanned it to make copies on the wrong scanner. The scanner he used was reserved for the school. (I don’t know.)

Later, we went outside. My family was there, The total group outside was Ettin, Jorenko, me (whoever I was.) Schroe (Amanda Schroeder), Aunt E, Mother, Grandmother, and a few others that were in a group to the side. This is what made me realize that the view I had was not through the eyes of Amanda Schroeder.

We looked to the sky at the noise of a jet, only to see a toy airplane/spaceship flying by. We soon learn we were mistaken as it flew in closer and appeared to be the size of a jumbo jet. It flew very low overhead, and toward the Northeast. There, it crash-landed (into the oil refinery, I realized once I woke up). Aunt E’s house is in that direction, so she ran off screaming to her Porsche to rescue her children.

When she returned, Roxanne and Jay, her kids, as well as Brittany, their neighbor, hopped out of the car. We were all quickly ushered into the warehouse behind my grandmother’s by the military. Two armed guards stood at the door to prevent us from leaving. We were given water, snacks, and juice to consume while we waited, most of which was taken by Ettin (though not necessarily eaten.) There were chairs, nice furniture, not just folding ones. There were tables, and there were plenty of cards.

There were three decks on one wicker table, and one on another. I grabbed one of the decks from the three and began to shuffle. The marking on the back of the deck was Sunoco – the oil refinery that was just attacked by the UFO.

There were people outside, taunting us. They flew radio-control jet models into the warehouse doors, which were glass, so we could see, but they did not break.

My family was getting anxious to leave. Finally, after dark, a van showed up to take us away. We drove past the pricks who’d been taunting us, and while most stayed quiet, I stuck my head out the window and flipped them the bird, while shouting, “FUCKING TWATS!”

The bottom of a hill. We’re now at the bottom of a city street that goes downhill. I’m alone. Wait – Amanda’s behind me. There’s things on the side of the road, hiding behind boxes. Perhaps they’re the aliens. They pay no mind to us, instead, they run to a larger box. They break it open, and this purple mass of goo begins to attack us.

Amanda and I run, and I notice something – she’s Schroe, the blue haired one. Maybe the Amanda soul can hide the hair and fit in?

We make it to the top of the hill, and the goo is stretched to it’s limit. It had to keep one end at the box, but it could stretch to get us. It partially solidified while chasing us, and was now more of a . . . one eyed purple worm.

We were in someone’s apartment, fighting this worm. We got the people out, and Schroe handed me a mallet and told me to start beating the hell out of the thing while she mixed chemicals to destroy it. She mixed, we defeated it, the end.

Then the fucking garbage truck came by and woke me up.

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