Dream 01.12.27

I had a dream with a lot of Indian taxi drivers, an Arabic traveling salesman, and . . . pikmin?! It had pikmin in it. I remember how it started now . .
I was running around a pikmin simulation, collecting things, and the Arabic traveling salesman came by. All my friends took off their pikmin suits and ran to buy “Toffic,” whatever the hell that was. The bus the salesman had had signs with “TOFFIC TOFFIC TOFFIC” over the top. So we all got in line at the side, and when it was my turn, they were out of Toffic. So I bought Parasite Eve for Gamecube from him instead. He tried to sell me Pikmin as well, but I already had it. I also paid for some Toffic and he said he’d leave me a plate when he left. So I ran off to talk to my friends, and when he left, I got my Toffic, which was mashed potatoes, rice, and icing-coated pastries. Wild rice, the long grain stuff, not white rice.

A Puerto Rican man decided it was time for my training, so he took me to a spy training facility located behind the woman’s restroom. We walked into the stall, and there was another door BEHIND IT. It was like a firing range at first, then he took me further into a Deathmatch level. We stalked each other, then I decided that he was really a bad man and ran out the door. For some reason, the door to the stall was a normal door, with a doorknob, and it was the door for the stall and a small room NEXT to the stall. I’m hiding in the side room next to the bathroom stall, and I let the door shut.

Since it’s one door covering both parts, I can’t get back out until someone lets me out, so I wait for the guy to exit, and then I’d try to cap him. But some old lady decides to go to the bathroom, so I leave then, and tell her to lock the door in front AND behind. She says, “Oh yes, wouldn’t want your friend sneaking up on me!” Then I hear him cursing and swearing because the door’s lock.

This’ll be in a game some day, or in a movie, or something, and you can say, “I WAS THERE!” but no, no, it’s always “Where’s the nudity!”
I run off, and there’s an old friend of mine from high school who started running next to me. She says we’re trying to catch the bus, and she points – there’s a city bus speeding off to it’s next stop, and we have to get to it to get back into town. We miss the bus, of course, so we start walking down the highway to get to the city, which is odd because we’re walking South, and I know the city’s North. But I go with it, and she sees a friend of hers driving past, she calls to him – “JIMMY! JIMMY WAIT UP!” and he spins off to the side of the road to pick us up. Jimmy’s Latino, and he’s got two young African Americans in his back seat. They’re listening to the radio. On the radio they’re playing one of the songs that my high school band played in competition – To Challenge the Sky and Heavens Above. So he continues to drive, South. This friend of mine from high school was always a flirt and a tease, and (here’s your nudity) she’s in the back seat with the two boys . . . doing stuff.

Jimmy drives to his home, which happens to be a mobile home. I get out of the car, further from the city than I was before, though I didn’t know why I was going there in the first place. I leave my friend to whore herself out to Jimmy and his two friends, and I start walking down the road.

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