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Dream 01.12.30

Last night I had a dream that Gordon Freeman, Junior Soprano, and I were escaping some sort of gated community, and we hitched a ride on some electric commuter train. They had set up wooden planks in the tunnel to knock us off if we didn’t duck. I was the only one who made it.

Dream 01.12.28

Dreams last night:
1. A pikmin controlling a team of Olimers
2. Burgling a rich neighborhood in a half-life map, using only crossbows.
3. Working at a Pikmin Golf Pro-Shop

Dream 01.12.27

I had a dream with a lot of Indian taxi drivers, an Arabic traveling salesman, and . . . pikmin?! It had pikmin in it. I remember how it started now . .
I was running around a pikmin simulation, collecting things, and the Arabic traveling salesman came by. All my friends took off their pikmin suits and ran to buy “Toffic,” whatever the hell that was. The bus the salesman had had signs with “TOFFIC TOFFIC TOFFIC” over the top. So we all got in line at the side, and when it was my turn, they were out of Toffic. So I bought Parasite Eve for Gamecube from him instead. He tried to sell me Pikmin as well, but I already had it. I also paid for some Toffic and he said he’d leave me a plate when he left. So I ran off to talk to my friends, and when he left, I got my Toffic, which was mashed potatoes, rice, and icing-coated pastries. Wild rice, the long grain stuff, not white rice.

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thanks guys

*insert Ohio State/Michigan football jokes here*
Mary: Hey isn’t Amanda going to an art institute soon?
Tom: Yeah, the Art Institute of Chicago.
Mary: How’s their football team? HAW HAW!
Tom: They haven’t finished drawing it yet! HAW HAW HAW!

Smart Decisions

ettin64 (18.04.02): I made some SMART DECISIONS and I didn’t get wiped out yet. :)
Schroe Dot Org (18.14.11): You making smart decisions is a rare thing indeed
ettin64 (18.14.26): Yes.
Schroe Dot Org (18.14.29): Of course, me going downstairs and actually completing what I set out to do is rarer.
ettin64 (18.14.53): Having 12 Hydralisks burrowed right under FIVE FUCKING SIEGE TANKS seems to be a common occurrence. :/
Schroe Dot Org (18.15.28): I went downstairs to get a TV tray to use as a flat surface for drawing, and I come back upstairs with a refill to my drink and a roast beef sandwich. No tray.
ettin64 (18.15.45): :O

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Corkies 7

Originally done when I was still in high school, so the entry has been back-dated to a million years ago.
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He’s more of a tiny green elephant, really. No relation to the Snorks.

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