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Schroe Dot Org (04.17.56): Hatt to your left!
Schroe Dot Org (04.18.00): Cheetah to your right!
Aussie Ben Work (04.18.01): eh?
Aussie Ben Work (04.18.06): I see.
Schroe Dot Org (04.18.07): The geckos are behind you!
Schroe Dot Org (04.18.10): RUN OR FIGHT!
Aussie Ben Work (04.18.13): right.
Schroe Dot Org (04.19.43): * Cheetah eats you

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[01:09] *** Schroe is now known as Azula
[01:10] [Drain> NO. NO AZULA.
[01:10] [Drain> BAD SCHROE
[01:10] [Azula> …
[01:10] * Drain smacks Azula around a bit with a large AssCraft.
[01:10] [Azula> why notz?
[01:10] [Drain> ;_; dunno
[01:10] [zs-craft> k.
[01:10] [Drain> stfu zs
[01:10] [Azula>

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Corkies 6

Originally done when I was still in high school, so the entry has been back-dated to a million years ago.
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More underwater creature shenanigans.

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ARG I don’t want to work, but it’d be stupid to call off sick when I’m 1. not really sick (though I have really bad cold and can’t even talk), and 2. It would screw over whatever fuckface I have to work with tonight. I’m just going to vie to get of early.

Cube tomorrow. Then I won’t have to feign excitement anymore.

Why is it that I only get excited over the cube when I’m actually playing it? I don’t even have anticipation to get to the stores ASAP and snatch the bloody thing, and play for hours.


“And what’s your name?”
“Birdy? We already had a character named Birdy.”
“No no, VERDIE”
“Oh, right. Verdie. . .”
“Here, step over here, on this here, eh, button. You’ll find that these buttons are utensil sensitive . . . Meaning that they’re sensitive to, eh, utensils. Step on it, and the spoon comes up. It makes a noise, a THWOCK noise. Just like that, eh, THWOCK. Thwock . . . Eh, press S.”
“Press S?”
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