I hate my job. I’m pretty sure I don’t work today, so they shouldn’t be calling me. If they do, I’ll tell them that I have plans for later and I can’t cancel them. They work me 10-11 hours a day now. I’m not going to do it 5 days in a row. I could barely stand 4 last week. All that cleaning, the scrubbing, the scraping, the sweeping, the wiping, the chemicals that make me physically ill . . . blech. Taking the entire kitchen apart by myself, cleaning it, then putting it back together. Then washing off all the dishes and wiping down all the tables and counters, by myself. And then the sweeping every floor in the huge ass BK, and going over and mopping it. Thank god I don’t have to clean the fryers. Yet.

And what really really sucks is that even though I’ve only been there 2 weeks, I’m faster than any crew member they ever had >_< I’m GOOD at this shitty job.

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