dream 01.09.02

I had a dream last that that was rather … odd.

It started when we went to a Taco Bell. This Taco Bell was odd in two ways. One, it only servers nachos with chicken and white onions. Two, the restaurant was someone’s house. They were a bit busy, so I went in to the house and what see? Cammi works there! Oddly enough, we walk outside just for the hell of it. While we’re traversing the docks, we notice that we’re unbelievably close to Cedar Point. So I begin explaining all the rides to her. The rides look nothing like their real life counterparts, but I explain them to Cammi as if they were. We get closer to the fence of Cedar Point and peer in. While looking in, we somehow ARE in. Inside, we met up with Cobra. We went inside one of the many buildings, and it was a daycare of some sort. Cobra went into the lower levels to pester a pair of prats, and I remained on the upper deck. A little kid runs up behind me and starts with the fake battle moves. I whip around and KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa *he runs* MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *FIRE* HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! And I hit Vegeta, who starts bleeding like one of the Tediz.

And then my cell phone rings. The Ringer’s the Minigame music from TLoZ.

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