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Chicago Schroe 19

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Have you ever sat and thought about everything?

Seriously, have you just sat, and figured what you meant to the world?

You don’t mean anything.

But you mean a lot to people around you.

Undue Shenmue Hate?

[SGT] C: you can say anything about Shenmue being a bad game.. but when you say “why do I need a life simulator if I can just go outside?” is just fricking moronic
[C] How the hell is it moronic? If it was a simulation of a really interesting life containing things I could never and want to do, fine. However, Ryo’s life does not interest me and I certainly don’t want to spend my life getting involved in 70-people fights.
[AX] C- have you ever played shenmue?
[C] Yes, of course I’ve played it.
[AX] beat it?
[C] No. I couldn’t stand to, I went and played Chu-Chu Rocket after a couple of hours.
[SGT] C: you can find out about people’s lives, work in a harbor, fight people, try to hook up with a hot girl, and all while having fun. You can do this in real life, but this isn’t real life, this is another world.
[C] But Shenmue WASN’T fun for me. That’s the point.
[SGT] C: no, the point is that you’re saying Shenmue is boring cause you can just go outside to do those things… that’s a stupid thing to say… very stupid.
[C] No, I’m saying that I found Shenmue boring because it’s an attempt to simulate a very boring life.
[SL] C, if you don’t even have a Dreamcast I doubt you’ve played Shenmue enough to hate it in the amount you do :D
[C] I played about 3 hours of it, which was 3 hours too much.
[SL] that’s nowhere near enough.
[C] Of course it is!!
[FN] it was the first 3 hours, wasn’t it?
[C] “Well, if you put 60 hours of effort in, it gets really good.”
[FN] Like, 4 hours
[C] If a game is good it should grab you from the start through its gameplay.
[SL] haha, you said when I’d played 4 hours of Conker’s BFD there was no way I could have formed an opinion of it sucking, and you’ve only played Shenmue for 3 hours? ahahaha
[No response from C]

(Once again, if you don’t agree with him, he’ll argue until you admit he’s right, even if he’s wrong. And in another channel:)

[C] Of course I’m alive. I was having argument about Shenmue. Some poor sod likes Ryo’s life better than his own. I defended my own life as being about 50 times better than Ryo’s, since I don’t require a cut scene to walk downstairs.