Step Away From The Light

In a different world, the “real” world . . . it’d only real because it’s tangible . . . the net life is just as emotionally real . . .

In the “real” world, there’s people I like, and people I can’t stand, and things I can’t change. I’ve got less power in the ‘real’ world, and that makes me uncomfortable.

Things have happened to me in life that make me run away to places where I can be in charge.

So many people have left him all his life – his parents, his friends, his family . . . and he says I’m all he’ has left. I don’t like that kind of attention. He wants to attach himself to me, he wants me to be part of his world all his life and never ever leave him ever . . .

But I’ve never really been part of his life. I’ve just been there. He was someone to talk to on occasion, but he’s such an arrogant ass at times, and that really puts me off (Not to mention his BO could knock out an elephant at times).

But this is the opposite of the net life – this time I’m the one not caring. . . but it’s not the exact opposite. I never really did anything to even hint that I was interested in him. Not that I know of, anyway. He just follows me and does what I say . . . he wants to be used by me because he knows it’s some sort of attention.

But I can’t stand having that influence over someone. It’s pathetic.

He’s so arrogant, too, and there’s more things about him, little things, that get on my nerves. The lisp, the fat, the smell, the hair. I jokingly tied his hair back once, and now he keeps the hair tie and ties his hair up at random times.

I’m doing everything in my power to make sure he doesn’t like me.

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